Free service scope
■ The manufacturer provides free service to any product which conforms to the warranty regulations.
Chargeable service scope
■ The manufacturer charges customers for service to any product which is outside warranty regulations’ range.
■ The manufacturer‘s obligation or liability under his warranty does not include the service of any factitious damage, or misuse, or irresistible natural disaster, or delay resulting from the improper use or application of the product, or the use of parts or accessories not approved by the manufacturer, or repairs by people other than the manufacturer authorized personnel.
Return Policy
In the event that it becomes necessary to return a unit to the manufacturer, please obtain a return authorization first. Please contact the manufacturer and provide the model number, serial number, and a brief description of the reason for return. Return shipments will not be accepted if the serial number is not clearly visible.
The customer is responsible for freight charges when this product is shipped to the manufacturer for service (including any relevant customs fees or other freight related charges).
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